Adding missing stations in Generation_MD dataset?

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diegas posted this 09 April 2019

Hi there,

I notice both Mill Creek and Te ahi o Maui generation are missing from the Generation_MD dataset.
It seems to me that you have (reasonably?) good data available for both, as they appear in the embedded_generation dataset (Mill Creek - WIL0331 ; TAOM - KAW0111).

Is there a way they could be added or a reason not to do so?



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diegas posted this 20 May 2019

Great, thanks!

Matthew Keir posted this 20 May 2019

Just an update:

The issue with Te Ahi o Maui in November and December embedded generation data was resolved a while back. Something to do with an incorrect loss factor in the process meaning it wasn't captured in the file we received. 

Hope that helps.

diegas posted this 09 April 2019

Hi Phil, thanks for your answer.

It makes sense. Effectively, I am doing that tedious manual work myself - I just wondered whether it was just an oversight from your side which would have meant I could stop doing it :)

Looking forward to the desired changes being implemented.

As an aside, I noticed after writing my original post that the Te Ahi o Maui Embedded generation data seems fine in October 18 and since Jan 19, but seems to be missing for November and December 18. Same question I guess: is the data available and, if so, can the embedded generation dataset be fixed?



Phil Bishop posted this 09 April 2019

There is a reason, although I suspect you won't agree with me if I try to tell you it's a good one.

The metered dataset actually comprises three sources of data from three different suppliers - the embedded generation files, the unit-level IR files, and everything else. The underlying databases that this data is loaded into are not pretty, and we publish all three datasets as a single collection that we call 'metered data'. But we don't actually join them up into a single coherent dataset. This is all legacy stuff that I am keen to see get superseded with a collection of wholesale volume datasets that is infinitely more useful and more easily maintained. We have a pretty good idea of what we want to do and we have all the data we need to do it. What we haven't been able to do thus far is find the developer time to make it happen. That said, I'm hopeful we'll get to it this later this calendar year.

The legacy process that creates the Generation_MD dataset simply maps points on the grid to a list of plant names, i.e. it infers that injections from the metered grid data are generation. This process does not make use of the embedded generation dataset except in a couple of hard-coded cases. It's high maintenance and clumsy, and we just aren't resourced sufficiently to provide the necessary upkeep.

Mill Creek and Te ahi o Maui are from the embedded generation dataset and I'm guessing they came along after the Generation_MD mapping was created. 

I hope that makes sense - and we will eventually get this sorted.



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