GDX file for March 28, 2019

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guanzGE posted this 16 February 2022


There are three final pricing GDX files for March 28, 2019. FP_20190328a_F.gdx and FP_20190328_F.gdx are for trading period 1-25, and FP_20190328b_F.gdx is for trading period 26-48 but TPs are TP1-TP23. I wonder if a GDX file for all 48 trading periods, or a GDX file identical to FP_20190328b_F.gdx but TPs set to TP26-TP48 is made available. 


Ziming Guan

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guanzGE posted this 17 February 2022

Thank you, Tuong. 


Ziming Guan

Tuong Nguyen posted this 16 February 2022

Hi Zimming,

The final pricing data for trading date 2019-03-28 was split into two files for some reason. Note that the FP pricing case being split into two or more case files is something that happens occasionally.

The MSS case MSS_271112019031100091_0X.ZIP which has RunDateTime at 2019-03-29 07:31:11 only has data for trading Intervals 28-MAR-2019 00:00 to 28-MAR-2019 12:00.

To rectify this, the pricing manager re-ran the final pricing and sent two new case files which were used to calculate "Final" prices:

MSS_271112019031100102_0X.ZIP which has RunDateTime at 2019-03-29 07:49:39. This case file is used to create both GDX file FP_20190328_F.gdx and FP_20190328a_F.gdx (Note: GDX files FP_20190328_F.gdx and FP_20190328a_F.gdx are identical).

MSS_271112019032330114_0X.ZIP which has Run DateTime at 2019-03-29 08:07:54. This case file contains data for Trading Interval 28-MAR-2019 12:30 to 28-MAR-2019 23:30. and is used to create The GDX file FP_20190328b_F.gdx

--> FP_20190328a_F.gdx and FP_20190328b_F.gdx constitute GDX input for the whole trading date 28-MAR-2019.

Note: The current FP GDX creation process will start with TP1 and counting up, so if a case file starts with INTERVAL 12:30, this INTERVAL 12:30 is mapped with TP1 and so on. Since the results/output are represented by Trading Interval, this will not affect vSPD results. Users just need to be careful when applying overrides for this special GDX file (FP_20190328b_F.gdx)

Last and not least, we will remove the FP_20190328_F.gdx  to avoid any confusion in the future.

Let us know if you still have any questions.


Tuong Nguyen