ICP connection data API enhancement request

  • Last post 13 June 2018
henry posted this 05 June 2018

I would like to request that the following be added to the ICP Connection Data API

  • "start date" field added to each section of the response. Eg to indicate the start date of a price, a meter installation etc.
  • Be able to pass in a date as a paramter and have the ICP configuration for that date returned. In this case an "end date" field would also be useful for historical configurations.

Thanks in advance



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Matthew Keir posted this 10 June 2018

Hi Henry,

It’s great to hear that you are using the API and thanks for the suggestion!

The ICP connection data API was released after consultation with the industry as part of a project looking at access to retail data.

The Authority is just beginning a post-implementation review of that work, so it’s possible that your request and feedback could contribute to that. The results of those reviews get published and passed on to the market design team here at the Authority to consider any subsequent changes.

It’d be great if you can explain why you’d find this information helpful and how this would benefit consumers?

What you have asked for is not simple and would not be an insignificant change to the registry (currently run by Jade). In terms of general information, we do publish metering configuration details here which may be of some interest to you.



henry posted this 13 June 2018

ICP configuration data is temporal so without dates it’s unclear when the configuration is valid for. I have to assume is it is valid at the time of the API call.

Because the data changes over time the only way I can infer the date of a change is by calling the API every day for ALL ICPs. Was this the intended design?

The date information is already available via the LIS file. I was hoping the API would replace “scraping the registry”.


An alternative/extra enhancement that would be extremely useful would be allow the consumer to pass in a date parameter with the ICP and have the active configuration data for that date returned.

Matthew Keir posted this 13 June 2018

Hi Henry,

The API gets the data from the live registry so it should reflect the situation at the ICP at the time you query it. To be very clear its the latest available state of information.

The API was released primarily to assist third parties who do not have access to the registry get the relevant information they need to offer informed advice to consumers.

The EMI API is not an enhancement to core registry functionality for participants. The EMI API essentially piggybacks on the web services already available to participants. That said, it is available to anyone, including participants. Calling the API with all ICPs (if you had them) all the time was not the intended usage and we'd need to manage the load this API placed on the registry.

It's still unclear why you want this information and how you would find it useful? For example, what purpose would be served by finding out the metering configuration three years earlier at an ICP? One might expect metering configuration data to change fairly slowly.