API for SmartHome Load Curtailment Automation

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DataBitz posted this 20 September 2023

Hi all,
I'm looking to develop something for the NZ smart home community to use, that could respond to the grid when it is under stress. A way for smart homes to trigger home automation which shuts off non-essential systems in their homes when EMI/grid operators need it. i.e. stop EV charging, pool heating etc.
Something like the old ripple control system but for smart homes/modern times.

It seems that currently, the practice is to use social media and press asking people to reduce power. e.g. https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/132722172/transpower-says-power-supplies-tight-as-cold-snap-moves-up-country

Wondering if the the EMI's APIs are suitable for this, is there a better alternative or is there something already planned that would best provide this?


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Chris Otton posted this 20 September 2023

Hi Databitz,

There is a pricing API availble via the WITS platform that you could use to feed dispatch prices into your control system. very high prices would be a reasonable proxy for measuring system stress. Forecast prices are also available so you could integrate some consumption planning into your control. if you drop the WITS manager an email on WITS@NZX.com they will be able to provide you with more detail.



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