API management policy change – ICP connection data API

  • Last post 07 February 2021
Matthew Keir posted this 05 February 2021

Large aggregate call volumes coming through the ICP connection data API have been adversely impacting the underlying registry infrastructure. To preserve the integrity of their system and its responsiveness the registry manager has reduced the number of concurrent calls they will manage. 

We're making adjustments to our API management policy on this API in line with this. These changes are designed to smooth out the load spikes our users collectively generate on the registry system.

The new management policy is below. This will take effect soon.

A management policy is set on this API restricting users to 250 calls per minute for ‘search’ and ‘get by id’ calls while calls for multiple ICPs ‘get by id list’ is restricted to 10 calls per minute, each up to 50 ICPs. Additionally, users are restricted to 5 MB of data per 15 min period. 

msouness posted this 07 February 2021

Would be interesting to see the count of API calls per user over time.