Reconciled Demand and Generation Reports

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tship posted this 20 September 2020

Re: Reconciled demand and generation reports


Reconciled demand and generation data is our most complete source of data and refers to all purchases and sales on the wholesale market that are cleared through the clearing manager. This data becomes available around the middle of the following month. More specifically, reconciled demand and generation refers to loss-adjusted purchases and sales, and represents the purchase and sale quantities upon which money changes hands between participants and the clearing manager. The loss-adjustment means that the actual consumption data submitted to the reconciliation manager by retailers and other purchasers is grossed up to account for losses in the distribution networks.


is this data just month0 version or does it get updated over time as say washup files get loaded ?

Thanks in advance ....

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Matthew Keir posted this 20 September 2020

Hi there,

That's a good question. The data does get updated with each run of reconciliation for a particular month so the impact of wash-ups is all captured.



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tship posted this 23 September 2020

Hi again Mathew,

Is there anyway of identifying if the historical data has changed, other than downloading the file and comparing it against a previous download - eg is the information stored as a dataset anywhere else on the site with a file modified date ?

We do get NZRM files on a regular basis (types listed below)  ... are the report data changes above linked to the receipt of any of the below files eg SCOREMS


Thanks again,

Tim Shipley



Phil Bishop posted this 23 September 2020

What we call reconciled demand and reconciled generation comes from the GR-010 report produced by the reconciliation manager. See here for the functional spec. The two files we receive have RECCONS and RECGENR as part of their names. But if you obtain the GR-010 files, you will only get the portion of the file pertaining to your organisation.

To answer your question, no, we do not indicate which revision number is in effect at any given time. But, as Matthew indicated above, what we use will always be the most recent wash up or revision.

This will soon be a moot point as we are shortly going to start publishing the GR-010 reports in EMI datasets and we will devise a file naming convention that allows you to know what revision we're up to and when that revision was made.


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tship posted this 23 September 2020

Thanks Phil,

Do you have a rough date when you expect those datasets to be available (i'm looking to develop an extract to load this data into our data warehouse) ?


Phil Bishop posted this 23 September 2020

With all that we have going on at the moment, it's a little difficult to be too precise about the timing until we get a little further into the task. But it would be safe to say that we'll have it done within the next two or three weeks.

tship posted this 23 September 2020

Perfect ... thanks Phil.

tship posted this 18 October 2020

Morning Phil,

Just wondering if there was any news on the GR-010 reports in EMI datasets availibility ...

Thanks in advance,


Phil Bishop posted this 19 October 2020

Hi Tim - it should be ready to go live during the latter part of next week.

It's practically ready now - just need to do some testing. The developer doing this work has a bunch of other things on the go right now and is also about to take some annual leave. We'll put off go live until he gets back.



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tship posted this 19 October 2020

Thanks Phil ...

Phil Bishop posted this 17 November 2020

Reconciliation data is now being published in EMI datasets.


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tship posted this 14 April 2021

@Phil Bishop

Hi Phil,

I noticed that February & March's  files uploaded today look to be incomplete ....

Name                                                                                                 Date modified  File size
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_202101_20210223_133616.csv.gz 14 Apr 2021    39,782 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_202102_.csv.gz                               14 Apr 2021    19,739 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_202103_.csv.gz                               14 Apr 2021    00 KB

Could you advise ?


msouness posted this 14 April 2021

Now that we have the allocated volumes publicly available, I'd like to suggest that submission volumes be published.  
The reason for this is to allow third party examination of the loss allocation ratios for each trader. This will help reduce UFE.

Phil Bishop posted this 14 April 2021

Hi Tim - the problem with the publishing of the reconciliation data has been rectified. Thanks, Phil. 

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tship posted this 20 May 2021

Hi Phil,

Just wondering when April's data will be available ? - roughly what day of the month would you expect the previous month's data to become available going forward ... i'm configuring / testing an automated download at the moment.

Thanks once again for your help,


Phil Bishop posted this 20 May 2021

It should def be there already. I'll ask someone to take a look at why it isn't. Cheers, Phil

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