Real-time data API outage

  • Last post 31 October 2016
Phil Bishop posted this 28 October 2016

Unfortunately we've experienced a couple of glitches lately with our real-time price APIs. We hope to have them back up and running on Monday 31 October.

Actually, there's nothing wrong with the API per se - the problem is that the introduction of the national market for instantaneous reserves on 20 October necessitated some changes to the structure and contents of the SPD case files. We thought we had it all under control, and we did for final pricing cases, but our pre-dispatch and real-time case file handling processes need a bit more attention.



Phil Bishop posted this 31 October 2016

Hi all

We have resolved the data loading issues that were preventing the real-time price APIs from pushing out data. Please let us know if you experience any further problems.

Thanks, Phil