data availability for historic demand

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flatmax posted this 01 December 2022

Hi there,

I have found the monthly historic pricing data for each island particularly useful - thanks. This is the link I was using :


I am after the demand data which matches the pricing data. Is that available in the datasets ?


thank you 


Phil Bishop posted this 08 December 2022

Hi Matt

Just to be quite clear, the market isn't settled on the dispatch prices (the link you shared). Rather, dispatch prices are averaged to create final energy prices and final reserve prices, and the market is cleared on these final prices.

The volumes (injections and offtake) on which the market is cleared come out of the monthly reconciliation process and can be found here.   

The volumes from the SPD model run that yield dispatch prices are not yet being published. We hope to get to that next week. When they do get published, they will look a lot like the files published here (although these ones ceased to exist on 1 Nov 2022 with the onset of real-time pricing).

Hope this helps,



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