It is a straightforward task to download the data behind an EMI Report. It is also easy enough to jump over to Datasets and find a file or two to download. We are often asked if it is possible to obtain data using FTP. The answer is yes.

Our EMI FTP server supports anonymous FTP. In fact, Datasets is nothing more than a browser-based view of the file structure on our FTP server.

At the command line, just type:

ftp ftp//

You should not need to enter a username or a password. If you do get prompted for such details, use anonymous for the username and your email address for the password.

A list of commands to be used while in the FTP session can be found at, or There are dozens of websites available with help on using FTP. Alternatively, type 'help' on the command line to see all available commands and type 'help command_name' for the description of a particular command.

Two commands you'll want to use are 'cd' to change directory and 'mget' to get multiple files. Also 'ls' or 'dir' to see what's in the directory you're currently in.

Finally, you can use Google to find numerous FTP applications to download and install on your computer if you don't like using command line applications.