Your dashboards are managed through the ‘list view and filters’ screen. 


1. Rename or remove the entire dashboard

Buttons are available at the top of the page. A dialog box will appear where you can enter a new name or confirm that you want to delete the dashboard. There is no undo function so take care. You are currently able to construct and maintain up to five dashboards.


2. Rename or remove individual reports from a dashboard

To rename or remove an individual report from a dashboard you must be in the details view option rather than the summary view. Buttons exist to the right of each report name to rename or remove.


3. Adjusting the parameter settings for a report

There is no way for you to edit the parameters that were saved when the report was added to your dashboard. To achieve this outcome you can change the parameters on the report and add it again to your dashboard, and then delete the version of the report you no longer wanted.


4. Reordering reports in a dashboard

Reports are sorted in the order they are added by default – they can be filtered by tags and report types, or even sorted by the standard options available in list view. However, to change the custom order you must re-add the reports in the order you desire. 

Tip: to reorder reports in a dashboard it's often easiest to add them to a second dashboard, in your new desired order, and then delete the first dashboard.


See adding a report to ‘my dashboard’ and viewing ‘my dashboards’ for more assistance on using the ‘my dashboards’ feature.