New report suggestions for demand and wholesale prices

  • Last post 10 August 2017
daringodber posted this 12 July 2017

The range of info on EMI is very impressive and useful, is it possible to add these charts:

- Annual cumulative demand: This would allow a useful year on year comparison

- Half hourly MW demand: The time scale on the “Grid demand trends” chart stops at ‘day’

- Average price calculator: This would give the average price at a given node based on the date range and could be added to the “Wholesale energy prices” chart/report

Matthew Keir posted this 10 August 2017

Hi Darin,

Sorry for the slow response and thanks for the suggestions. I wanted to get the time comparison feature live as I thought it may help provide some of the insight you were after.

Cumulative charts:

Cumulative charts are something we have looked at – these can be quite useful when considering measures of energy over time for both demand and supply (inflows for example). However, as we are refactoring some of the back-end data structures, we won’t get to new demand reports until each stage in the database is complete. Once existing reports have been switched across, we hope they will be more responsive. We are also keen to clarify some common confusion around electricity demand by publishing several 'demand' series to provide more in-depth insights.

Demand reports:

The grid demand trends report lets you select other time scales with the time scale parameter; although only when it makes sense to do so. If you are viewing a single day, then trading period is the only time scale available. If you are viewing multiple days, then daily data is available. Similarly, if you view a time scale longer than a year, then annual data becomes an option. You can see demand has been fairly flat, with 2016 demand slightly lower than in 2007

Note that reconciled demand is all reconciled demand, not just demand served from the grid. The demand report will be renamed when we refactor the underlying database to help clarify this point.

Comparing demand this year to the last few years can be illustrated using the time comparison feature, although not in a cumulative sense. The central North Island shows an increase in demand in May this year greater than the May increase in recent years.

Wholesale price calculator:

We do have plans for a calculator type report that that would allow users to derive their own location factors between any two nodes and a time period they select. It seems that we could easily include a weighted-price calculator as part of this report. I’ll add this concept to our backlogged list of ideas/development for reports.

The wholesale price report already allows users to obtain generation or demand-weighted averages by nodes for a fixed time period using the time scale parameters if that is useful. For example, monthly demand-weighted prices.

Comparing the monthly demand-weighted price from the last two years against 2012 and 2013 shows July 2017 prices were below May 2012 and March 2013 prices. Changing the region type to a set of nodes will provide the same comparison at the node level.

Have a play around with what’s there now and let us know if you have any questions. Keep the ideas coming – we do record these in our system and it feeds into the prioritisation of work.