Offers pre 2012-12?

  • Last post 17 June 2019
geoff_ey posted this 17 June 2019

Hi team @ EMI,


I was wondering if you could make available offers pre 2012-12-15? Historical offer files only start from that date on, any reason for this? I'm after data from 2010 onwards, could you make this available on EMI? Ideally as far back as practically possible?


Please advise, thanks.


Phil Bishop posted this 17 June 2019

Hi Geoff

Apart from the offers as they stood at the time of final pricing, we hold no reliable offer data prior to Dec 2012.

You can see the offers used in final pricing in the Offer stack report, which goes back to 21 July 2009, or you can extract it yourself from the published final pricing SPD case files.