vSPD is a GAMS-based replica of the Scheduling, Pricing and Dispatch (SPD) model used in the New Zealand wholesale electricity market.

The most recent version can always be downloaded from the Download and install vSPD panel on the right-hand side of the vSPD page on EMI. Individual vSPD files or the entire vSPD code repository can also be obtained at any time from our vSPD GitHub site. All code checked into our GitHub repository should be in working order - please advise us if you find that is not the case.

The vSPD codes are by necessity modified each time a change to SPD is deployed. On some occasions, modifications to vSPD require changes to the structure of the GDX files used by vSPD. Whenever this happens, we build backward-compatibility into vSPD so that the most recent vSPD codes will work with any and all GDX files dating back to 21 July 2009.

It pays, therefore, to keep your vSPD codes up to date. If you use vSPD-online, you will automatically be making use of the most recent codes.

Finally, note that we only get vSPD audited every year or two rather than every time a minor change is made. This means that if you prefer to only use the audited version of vSPD, it is possible that your model will fail for more recent dates if the structure of the GDX file has changed since the last audit.