Please be advised that three of the four Wholesale market price APIs are to be removed from service on 21 October 2022. Specifically, the three APIs to be decommissioned are:

  • Forecast NRSS prices
  • Forecast PRSS prices
  • Real-time prices.

The Real-time dispatch API and the ICP connection data v2 API will continue to operate just as they do today.

Users interested in obtaining wholesale market prices via an API can sign up to the WITS APIs at

NZX is contracted by the Electricity Authority to be the Wholesale Information Trading System (WITS) manager. Earlier this year, the WITS manager stood up several APIs that make the EMI APIs somewhat redundant. Indeed, the only reason the EMI team at the Authority released its wholesale price APIs several years ago was because users were demanding such tools and none existed elsewhere. That is no longer the case.

The timing of this API decommissioning coincides with a programme of work we are currently undertaking to refactor our data ingestion processes to align with the system changes being introduced with the go-live of real-time pricing on 1 November 2021.