Does the wholesale grid demand report include demand from embedded wind generators?

The relevant information from the website appears to be:
"Final pricing demand and generation can be used as a proxy for reconciled demand and generation during the period for which reconciliation data is unavailable. Implementing this proxy requires making some assumptions regarding wind generation and demand. For final pricing demand, all positive demand from the final pricing case is counted; negative demand (wind generation) is ignored. Similarly, for final pricing generation, all generation plus the absolute value of negative demand (wind generation) is included."

At present I have assumed that Tararua Wind Central, West Wind, Woodville and Bunnythorpe are not included in the demand figures. Wilton, Linton, Halfway Bush, North Makarewa and Te Kowhai appear to be included in demand figures.

At Te Kowhai TWH0331 between the 1st and 7th of January 2016 the final pricing demand is intermittent; I have assumed that negative demand has been ignored.
The answers to these questions would be of much help, so I do appreciate any time you may spend on them.