A standard format for retail price schedules – what are your thoughts on the format?

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Matthew Keir posted this 27 June 2016

We have amended the Code to require retailers to provide information about their generally available retail tariff plans to any person that requests them. The Code amendment took effect on 1 February 2016.

However, the Code does not specify the format or method a retailer may use to provide this information. Our consultation paper presents a draft file format for use by retailers and seeks feedback from interested parties. The use of the file format is voluntary. The format is an addition to the current suite of industry EIEPs and has been titled EIEP 14.
Submissions close at 5 pm on Tuesday, 9 August 2016.

Consultation paper

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Matthew Keir posted this 10 July 2016

Reminder - one month left to have your say.

msouness posted this 15 July 2016

The unbundling of various rates and allocation of retail owner rebates can make it quite difficult to compare rates across the board.

Matthew Keir posted this 18 August 2016

For those interested in this project, submissions have been published. Thanks to those who contributed.