EMI dataset changes – Ancillary_services folder on FTP server to be deleted on 13 Nov 2017

  • Last post 14 November 2017
Phil Bishop posted this 26 October 2017

In recent updates to the EMI website and the folder structure on the FTP server, we have folded the Ancillary Services subject area into Wholesale. Consequently, the Ancillary_services folder and all of its content will be removed on 13 November 2017.

This matters only to users who have created scripted processes to obtain the files on a daily basis from our FTP server. All such scripts will need to be edited prior to 13 November. Please note that in addition to the file location, the file names have also changed slightly. The details of file name changes are obvious upon inspection.

The three sets of frequency keeping related files - constrained on/off costs, dispatched offers, and final offers - are now available from the folder called ..\Wholesale\AncillaryServices\FrequencyKeeping\.

The files are also available to be individually downloaded from EMI datasets.


Phil Bishop posted this 14 November 2017

The removal of the Ancillary_services folder from the root directory of the FTP server has now been actioned. Please see ..\Wholesale\AncillaryServices\ for all content that used to be located in the Ancillary_services folder.