Any available ICP level consumption data for research purposes?

  • Last post 16 September 2016
a7med posted this 15 September 2016


I would like to inquire if there are any databases or datasets having ICP level load consumption available for research purposes? The data doesn't necessarily have to have ICP numbers listed. The sole purpose is to use ICP level consumption data for power studies rather than studying a specific individual's consumption.



Matthew Keir posted this 16 September 2016

The Authority (nor, for the most part, any of our market systems) does not hold ICP-level half hourly data.

The Authority currently collects EIEP1 files annually, which provide access to monthly volume information for non-half-hour ICPs. These files are routinely transferred from retailers to distributors on ICP-billed networks. We use this information in our monitoring and policy work and present these results in aggregated form here

We are aware that some research groups have approached participants and succesfullly managed to negotiate access to anonymised samples of ICP-level half hourly consumption data.

You might also consider that if you gain consent from account holders, you can then act as their agent and request ICP-level consumption data from their retailer. Up to two years' worth of half hourly data in a standardised format (if the retailer uses this information in their business) can be obtained in this manner. More information is available here.

I hope that's helpful.