API management policy change - 'Get by id list' calls to the ICP connection data API reduced

  • Last post 12 February 2018
Matthew Keir posted this 22 January 2018

We've reduced the calls using the 'Get by id list' call from 20 to 10 per minute due to the high load on the registry back-end infrastructure. Users regularly querying lists of ICPs may need to adjust their scripts to accommodate the changes.

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Clive Gifford posted this 30 January 2018

Was there any email notification to users of the API before this change was made Matthew?

I've only just seen your post about this change after chasing my tail for the last few days wondering why things weren't working. Then, finally, when I tried to login to the API section I also realised that different accounts are used for EMI stats and the EMI API logins and that when I changed my email address a few months ago I had therefore also failed to update my account details for the API side of things.

The documentation also still only has this to say, which also isn't helpful:

Response 403

And also Code 429. If the management policy is exceeded on this API which restricts users to 250 calls per minute and/or 60 MB of data per hour.


Matthew Keir posted this 12 February 2018

Hi Clive,

Yes, everyone that signed up to this forum and subscribed to follow the API tag received an email notification of this change (see the plus sign on the top right when signed in).

In the automated emails received during sign up to the API platform (hosted in Azure), users are advised to also sign up to the EMI forum and use the API tag to keep up to date, ask questions, or post some advice relating to the APIs. You can also follow an individual discussion such as this one to be notified of any new posts in this discussion. 

Yes, the EMI website and EMI APIs use different logins due to their hosting arrangements. Users are reminded of this on the homepage of the API platform. We also state on this page that an API management policy can be added or changed at any time.

The 429 response has been updated to be more generic and helpful, referring users to the management policy. The details of any specific policy setting are now only recorded in the text at the top of the API page and are not repeated in the message generated with the response code. This change will help us ensure our documentation remains maintainable.

Sorry for any inconvenience and I hope this clears up any confusion.