API management policy change – ICP connection data API (further adjustments)

  • Last post 10 August 2021
Matthew Keir posted this 28 July 2021

Following the review of recent issues relating to the performance of the ICP connection data API, and work undertaken in response to these issues, we are making further changes to the API management policy to reduce the likelihood of additional issues impacting our users. 

The new management policy will be applied on Thursday 5 August and is as follows:

A management policy is set on this API restricting users to 50 calls per minute for ‘search’ and 75 calls per minute for ‘get by id’ calls and/or 10 MB of data per hour.

Our capacity to process aggregate call volumes remains well below what it was previously. This restriction on volumes is to ensure and that the operation of the registry market system is not disrupted.

The new management policy has been set to provide all users a fair go. While unlikely with this policy in place, there remains the possibility of receiving a 503 response (indicating the registry is busy) during periods of heavy use by multiple concurrent users. If you encounter 503 responses, please reduce your call volumes and try again later. 

Participants are reminded that they have the ability to use the registry and registry web services directly for operational uses in accordance with the registry access policy.

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Matthew Keir posted this 04 August 2021

As advised above, this change in API management policy has now been implemented.

msouness posted this 10 August 2021

Hi Matthew, forgive me for driving this home, but Particiants have to abide by the registry access policy, however service providers to Participants do not?  Just want to nail down what looks to me to be a loose end.

Regards, Malcolm

Matthew Keir posted this 10 August 2021

Hi Malcolm

Only participants can access the registry directly and must abide by the registry access policy. The ICP connection data API is public and terms of use are more permissive than direct participant access to the registry. See the legal information in the footer below for more info. Many participants use both direct access to the registry and the ICP connection data API. Participants are reminded they can use direct access to the registry market system for operational use (in accordance with the access policy) which has much higher support levels than the ICP connection data API.