Average hydro spill per month

  • Last post 13 December 2020
RussellB posted this 07 July 2019

We have great graphs showing average lake levels per month over a number of years, as well as inflows. 

Are there similar graphs or information showing average hydro spill per month at a national level?

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luckiestmanalive posted this 13 December 2020

Hi Matt and RB.

Given the significant spill event in December 2019, please could you include daily water spill in the chart? The hydrological chart on EMI shows storage levels dropping after 2 December 2019 but we know from the Authority's report into the UTS that spilling was occurring from 3-18 December 2019 so it is impossible to know how much of the reduction in storage levels during this time were due to generation and how much was from spillage. Consequently, adding daily spill is crucial for establishing confidence in and competitiveness of the electricity market.



Matthew Keir posted this 09 July 2019

Hi Russell,

Sorry, no we don't have any regular feed of spill data.

Periodically, we update the hydrological modelling dataset. Next update should be in the new year. This dataset includes a weekly spill series for the main hydro systems.


Otherwise, your best bet is to check the generator's websites. Check out the following post for a few links.