An Undesirable Trading Situation (UTS) was alleged in late 2019. The UTS was upheld and the action to correct involved resetting prices for the period 3-27 December 2019.

The pricing manager recently published the corrected prices.

The correction entailed capping offers at $13.70/MWh for all trading periods during 3-27 December at the following nodes:

  • AVI2201 AVI0
  • BEN2202 BEN0
  • CYD2201 CYD0
  • MAN2201 MAN0
  • OHA2201 OHA0
  • OHB2201 OHB0
  • OHC2201 OHC0
  • ROX1101 ROX0
  • ROX2201 ROX0
  • WTK0111 WTK0

The attached spreadsheet contains the original and the reset final energy and reserve prices for the impacted days. EMI shows only the reset prices.