Current generation fleet dataset

  • Last post 31 May 2023
James Tipping posted this 29 May 2023

Kia ora koutou, 

I was looking for the most recent, up-to-date xls of the generation fleet. I used to be able to find it on the EA website via google. I think the version on EMI is from pre-2020:

Please could you update with the current version? 


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diegas posted this 31 May 2023

You could always have a look at Transpower's, might not cover the same ground but they're updated more frequently

There's an excel table available for the 2022 version of the report.

James Tipping posted this 31 May 2023

Thanks. I like your version better as it has the relevant GXPs, and includes decommissioned plant (as well as heaps of other information). 

Even if you just put your most recent version of this workbook online (the one that used to be on your website) that would be better than nothing. Thanks again. 

diegas posted this 31 May 2023

I don't work at the EA! Was just trying to help

James Tipping posted this 31 May 2023

Oh sorry! :) 

Thanks very much for the suggestion, much appreciated. The EA used to host a more current version of the one available on EMI. 

Phil Bishop posted this 31 May 2023

As noted above, Transpower publish some generating plant information. I have updated what we are able to publish on EMI here.

At some future date we may be in a position to provide a more complete set of generating plant information. We just don't have the data or the resources to compile it right now.