Release dates for retail reports

  • Last post 12 August 2016
daringodber posted this 11 August 2016

I saw in the report notes on the website that July data will be released on 13th August 2016. Given this is a Saturday I was wondering if the data will be released today, on Saturday or on Monday?

Matthew Keir posted this 12 August 2016

The July data will be released on the 13th August 2016.

Switching statistics are reported by the switch initiation date. To be clear, monthly switch counts are completed switches that were initiated in a given month. Reporting switches in the month the consumer makes the decision and initiates a switch (or close to this) helps align the behaviour we observe with the timing of any market stimulus or events such as a retailer implementing an acquisition strategy, a new advertising campaign (eg WMN), the offering of a new product or service, or even consumer reaction to new public information.

The Code sets a maximum time for a standard switch at 10 business days and that 50 per cent of these switches must take no longer than 5 business days in any 12 month period. All switches initiated in the previous month will, therefore, be completed by 10 business days into the next month.

We align the release of all the retail reports and release them after the 10th business day of the following month - we don’t delay release any longer to occur on a business day. 

It’s worth noting that events (eg a trader switch) can be replaced or reversed in the registry. This is why you might observe the numbers continue to change slightly, although they generally settle quickly.