An undesirable trading situation (UTS) was found to exist from 3-27 December 2019. Prices were declared to be final by the pricing manager before this UTS was resolved and the resolution led to final prices being reset. This has had implications for the SPD case and GDX files that we publish.

SPD case files

For each of the days from 3-27 December 2019, we have published two SPD case files that are associated with final prices whereas we usually only publish one. The case file associated with the pre-UTS final prices is published with the name as per the usual file naming procedure. The second, post-UTS, case file has the last three digits of the case ID replaced with 999. For example, the original SPD case file associated with 20 December 2019 is called whereas the post-UTS case file is called Note that the day portion of the SPD case file name refers to the UTC day. 

GDX files

Similarly, the GDX file associated with the original final prices is named as per the usual process. The second or post-UTS GDX file has a UTS suffix added to the file name. For example, the original GDX file associated with 20 December 2019 is called FP_20191220_F.gdx whereas the post-UTS GDX file is called FP_20191220_F_UTS.gdx.