EMI real-time price API value not matching electricityinfo.co.nz

  • Last post 27 September 2018
icepicknz posted this 26 September 2018



All evening and day it would appear the EMI API has been reporting completely different figures to electricityinfo.co.nz ; i dont know which one to trust?

As per below output from the API for KMO0331 at 21:40 it says price is $140.53 where as electricityinfo website says 21:40 was $55.76 for RTP.

There are absolutly no values above $75 on electricity info after 5pm; yet the API has been reporting these strange high values.

{"interval":"26-SEP-2018 21:40","interval_datetime":"2018-09-26T21:40:00","five_min_period":3,"isDayLightSavingHR":0,"pnode":"KMO0331","load":11.202,"generation":0,"price":140.53}

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Phil Bishop posted this 27 September 2018

Are you quite sure about what you've stated above?

We've checked the data we extracted from both the RTP and RTD SPD cases at the time you state above and it is consistent with the JSON snippet you've shown. If we then check on WITS (see here) we see the very same prices that we're pushing out through the API.




icepicknz posted this 27 September 2018

Certain; its correct now. I should have taken a screen shot; but i know i was the right day as it was showing the PRS with no RTP passed the time it was, i.e. 10pm.

Looking back on electricityinfo now, the data is all correct for 21:40 , so i take it the errors were perhaps on their side; very odd.

Next time will screenshot it if i see it again. 

Thanks for looking into it though