Today we launched the refreshed look and feel of the EMI website and a suite of four new features, as outlined below.

Discussion and collaboration

The EMI forum is an online platform where a community of active contributors can ask questions about the data, materials and tools available on the EMI website. Users are encouraged to engage in discussions of a technical nature and will be supported by Authority staff members, who will play an active role in the forum and offer educational assistance. 

Experimentation and analysis

vSPD-online is a web-based implementation of the Authority’s vectorised Scheduling, Pricing and Dispatch (vSPD) model. In vSPD-online, users can manipulate data and set their own parameters to examine hypothetical situations. For example, an industrial user could use vSPD-online to plan scheduled outages, because it would allow them to test their tolerance for changes in demand and wholesale prices.

Streamlined information

In addition to receiving information through reports, datasets or FTP access, the new-look EMI website incorporates our application program interface (API) platform. The API platform includes the ICP connection data API (powering a form on the Authority’s corporate website) along with real-time pricing and real-time dispatch information. These APIs allow users to automate information flows by subscribing to feeds or requesting specific results. For example, an industrial user could use the information in our real-time pricing API to support the outage testing they undertook using vSPD-online.

Searchable information

We have also added a search facility to the EMI website to help users quickly and easily locate tools and data of interest.

The launch of these new features is a significant improvement in providing assistance to, and strengthening our relationship with, analysts and technicians in the electricity industry. We look forward to working with you and invite you to send an email to if you’d like to provide feedback or ask questions.