find grid exit point region

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sarahafeez posted this 19 April 2022

Hi Guys

I know that pricing in NZ is based on zones like OTA and ISL.

Can anyone guide me how can I find these region list if I have an ICP.

Iam using the link below to find the GXP but it doesnt tell which region the ICP belongs to.

Apologies If Iam not clear, Iam trying to find the region based on the grid exit point like which region does WIR0331 belongs?


Is there a list where I can find GXP and zone locations.

Phil Bishop posted this 20 April 2022

Hi there

We do not publish any data that lists ICPs and the region or zone in which that ICP is located. However, you can use the Network Supply Points report to find which network, region or zone an NSP or POC is located in. You could also download the latest NSP table from here -

Wholesale electricity pricing in New Zealand is nodal based, not zonal, BTW.



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