Generator names and unit codes

  • Last post 24 March 2022
HaiN posted this 13 February 2019


While looking at the datasets on the EMI website, I had some trouble reconciling the generator names in the “Generation Fleet” file with the four-character unit codes contained in the “Offer” files.

I assume there is a list of generators with their codes somewhere and if you could point me to that direction, it’d be very much appreciated.


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Phil Bishop posted this 15 February 2019

By generation fleet file I assume you mean the spreadsheet found here. If so, then we should point out that that file has been manually put together on a best endeavours basis by somebody that takes a passing interest in this stuff, i.e. it's not their day job. But more importantly, the information is not drawn from any market system where individual units are referenced by a 4-character code.

That said, the unit codes ought not be too hard to align with a plant. The first three characters are a site location, e.g. HLY for Huntly, and the number is the unit, e.g. HLY5 for Huntly unit 5, the large CCGT plant at Huntly. Where you're going to have some difficulty is when a station with many units is offered in by station; this is the norm at hydro stations. For example, the offer called 'WKM2201 WKM0' is for the Whakamaru hydro station. But the system operator doesn't care which unit the station owner uses to deliver the energy so the station owner just uses a zero to denote any or all of the units at the station.

Hope this helps. I would like to say that we should soon be in a position to publish a comprehensive generation plant list with lots of useful information by plant. But I can't. It's on our TODO list but never quite gets to the top of the list - maybe later this year!  




HaiN posted this 15 February 2019


Thank you for your response. I appreciate your efforts to publish a lot of data on this site and I look forward to more coming up later.



otrpje posted this 21 March 2019

your link is not working kindly do the needful


conrad-mac posted this 24 March 2019

your link is not working kindly do the needful

Chets posted this 22 March 2022


Just wanting to know if there has been any progress on this topic as i am also finding it difficult to reconcile a few stations. For example: KOE1101 NGB0 what is that?

Also which one is Turitea wind farm under?



Phil Bishop posted this 24 March 2022

KOE1101 NGB0 is the Ngawha B geothermal plant in Northland. Commissioned in 2020 (I think) and about 31.5MW.

The Turitea wind farm is LTN2201 TUR0. It's about 222MW and was commissioned in 2021 (I think).

We're still time away from being able to publish a meaningful generation plant list.