Getting access to Power System model in PSSE RAW format

  • Last post 29 January 2019
geoff_ey posted this 18 January 2019

Hi team at EA, is it possible to get the power system model you publish in the Wholesale dataset as a PSSE RAW file? I noticed your PSSE files are quite dated. If you can't do it, could you advise who in Tranpower would be able to help? I'm posting on the public forum for everyones benefit.


Phil Bishop posted this 29 January 2019

Hi Geoff

Sadly the answer is no. We get several requests each year from folk looking for the power systems models in PSS/E raw format but unfortunately we're unable to supply them.

Back in March 2014 we struck an informal agreement, i.e. neither a Code nor regulatory obligation, with the engineering team at the SO to provide the models in both DIgSILENT and PSS/E formats. But sometime thereafter they stopped doing the conversion to PSS/E format. As you are probably aware, Transpower don't use the PSS/E raw format internally. We tried again around 2016/17 to get Transpower to supply the files in both DIgSILENT and PSS/E formats but to no avail.

Analysts with a need for the PSS/E raw files should indicate their interest in having access to them by posting to this discussion. If there is sufficient and demonstrable demand then we can try again to get Transpower to undertake the conversion.