Historical ASX Prices

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Sam Turner posted this 09 December 2019


I am searching the wholesale datasets and wanted to know whether historical ASX settlement prices are stored anywhere?

Thanks - Sam.

Phil Bishop posted this 11 December 2019

Hi Sam

The short answer to your quesiton is no.

We receive data (e.g. bid, ask, settlement prices; trade volumes; and open interest) from ASX on a daily basis under a subscription arrangement and the terms of that subscription prevent us from publishing the ASX data. That is why the forward market reports based on ASX data do not have a data download option, as is the case with most other EMI reports. It is also why we publish no EMI datasets related to forward markets. However, the restriction on making ASX data available may soon be relaxed - we are in the midst of discussions with ASX regarding this precise question, so watch this space.




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