Historical data of generation and spot price

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skruk posted this 31 March 2018


I am finishing a Master in Economics in Udelar, Uruguay.


I need historical electricity generation mix by month and fuel source and spot price of electricity to use in my thesis.


What dataset are better to do that study?


Thanks in advance,


Sebastián Kruk.

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Phil Bishop posted this 02 April 2018

Hi Sebastián

You can find all wholesale prices since the start of the market in NZ (Oct 1996) here.

You can find a pretty good approximation of generation output by plant and technology here. The units are kWh by trading period, i.e. 30 minute intervals.



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skruk posted this 02 April 2018

Hi Phil.

Thank you.

Which variable can I use as key to combine wholesale prices with generation output by plant and technology?

Is there a glossary of all the variables of both archives?



Phil Bishop posted this 02 April 2018

Prices are determined at nodes or points of connection (POCs) on the grid by the SPD model. There are about 240-260 nodes at which a price is published, although the precise number changes over time. I believe it is currently 242.

Join POC_Code in the generation file with Node in the price file.

Join Trading_date in the generation file with Trading_date in the price file.

Trading periods are denoted 1, 2, .. 48 or TP1, TP2, ... TP48. Trading period 1 starts at midnight, trading period 2 starts at 12:30am, trading period 3 starts at 1:00am, etc. Be aware of daylight saving. On the day daylight saving commences there are only 46 trading periods and on the day it ends, there are 50.

A site is just the the three letter code formed by stripping off the first three characters of the node or POC label - it denotes the geographic location. See also the NSP table. Nwk_Code is the label for the network. There are 29 distribution networks in New Zealand. Gen_code is a name given to the generating plant doing the injecting at the POC. Fuel and Tech codes are fuel and technology descriptors. For the purpose of joining generation data to price data you can ignore, Site, Nwk_code, Gen_code, Fuel_Code and Tech_Code.

Prices are $/MWh.

I trust this helps,


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skruk posted this 04 April 2018

I am very pleased with your help!

I wish I had a transparent wholesale market like New Zealand.



skruk posted this 05 April 2018

Hi Phil

I have a problem.

I test it using 2018-02.

I find poc_code WPG0331 only in the generation file.

I find many nodes (v.g. ABY0111, BAL0331, HAM0551, etc.) which appear only in the price list.

What can I do?



Phil Bishop posted this 05 April 2018

Well, that's a bit annoying! Some of what you've highlighted is precisely why we're working towards replacing the legacy Generation_MD data series with something that relies on well-specified and maintainable mappings used in the various systems that make the wholesale market work.

Anyway, I suggest you look up the NSP mapping table and find a POC near to WPG0331 from which to obtain a price. I can come back to this next week when I have some time and I'll provide more specific guidance, although what I've suggested is sufficient to keep your thesis examiners happy.

As for the nodes that only appear in the price table, simply ignore them. You are joining up prices to points on the grid where injection occurs. But a price is also published at points where offtake occurs, and, for that matter, at a bunch of nodes where there is neither injection nor offtake. So the price table is going to have POCs in it that don't appear in the Generation_MD table. BTW, 'MD' stands for metered data, indicating that this 'generation by plant' data is derived from grid metered data.

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skruk posted this 25 April 2018

Hi Phil. Did you solve this situation? Greetings, Sebastián.

skruk posted this 02 October 2018

Hello Phil. Did you replacing the legacy Generation_MD data series with something that relies on well-specified and maintainable mappings used in the various systems that make the wholesale market work?

Phil Bishop posted this 03 October 2018

Yes and no. We have all the information we need in our data warehouse. We just haven't had time yet to get it all joined up the way we want in order to get it published. Still shooting for this year but we're into October already so even that could be tricky.



skruk posted this 15 November 2018

 Dear Phil,


I don´t need so desaggregated data.

I can use monthly historical data of simple average prices by zone and total generation output by technology and zone from 2004 to nowadays.

I found data of wholesale prices in Dashboard called Wholesale energy prices but it´s from 01/08/2009 and I need from 01/01/2004.