ICP ConnectionData - Too many requests

  • Last post 06 October 2019
Bobwattseface posted this 03 October 2019

Hi team,

I'm accessing the EMI ICP connection data interface. Given the caution around excessive use of the interface, I've structured my approach to do some JSON parsing in between calls and this slows things down to around 60 ICP's per minute, seemingly well below the 250 calls per minute threshold; yet I'm still getting the timeout message of 'Too many request'. Is there an overall volume limit that also applies that is kicking in here?

PS. I'm using the single ICP call.

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Matthew Keir posted this 04 October 2019

Hi Bob,

Unfortunately, we cant see your call in the logging at the moment - have you made any recent calls? These drop out of the logs after seven days or so. Can you please do a few more so we can see what's going on for you.

There is a 60MB per hour limit too although it seems unlikely that you'll be hitting that either. Other subscribers are pushing plenty through and not having these issues so it may point us to something specific to your calls.

Drop a post here again when you've tried pushing a few calls through again and we'll look at the logs.




Bobwattseface posted this 04 October 2019

Hi Matthew,

Just did some and got the error (around 5.30PM, Friday, the 4th of October). I timed the operation and it looks like I was doing around 80/minute. It kicked me out after making 250 calls. This was over a period of approximately 3 minutes or so.

Help appreciated

Matthew Keir posted this 06 October 2019

Hi Bob,

Can you please send us an email (emi@ea.govt.nz) with your subscription details to the API. We can't see your calls from your API subscription that has the same email as your forum user.