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  • Last post 21 August 2023
windcrusader81 posted this 17 August 2023

Hi there, 

I'm a newbie vSPD user trying to create an override for a hypothetical solar injeciton at HLY220 node. Attached is the CSV file I used to create the override.

The most recent job I tried to use it on is called "try try again". When doing the run it appears to completely ignore the new offers, so clearly I'm missing something obvious. Any help is appreciated.

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Tuong Nguyen posted this 21 August 2023

The online override can "add a compoment" by clicking on "Create new overrid component". You can have many override component in one "Override". I have done one example for you "EnergyofferandparameterOvrd"

For more information, see this link



windcrusader81 posted this 21 August 2023

Thanks for the response. Is this possible using Excel, or CSV files? The online override interface appears to allow selection of either offer parameters, or energy offer, not both. I'd appreciate if you have an example override CSV or Excel file that you can share that accomplishes this task.

Tuong Nguyen posted this 20 August 2023

You can have multiple overrides in one override file.

windcrusader81 posted this 20 August 2023

Thanks, that sounds like it will be the problem. Based on this I can see I need to apply multiple overrides to achieve my objective. First override changes the offer parameters e.g set capacity to 500 MW etc, and the second override updates the energy offers. However, it seems that vSPD-online only lets me apply one over-ride per job. Is that correct? Is there another way to achieve this outcome?

Tuong Nguyen posted this 20 August 2023


Can you check if you have changed the offer parameters (Capacity/RampRate) accordingly. It is likely that the capacity is Zero for HLY2201 HLY1 so your offer change won't have any effect.