Loss and congestion rentals and day-ahead prices

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StephenChen posted this 20 July 2017

I was looking through data available on the website and your API, but could not find data for the following:

1. Congestion and loss costs associated with each price node

2. Day-ahead prices for each price node.

Was I not looking hard enough or were the data not available on the two channels I mentioned? It would be great to get an expert response from you guys! Thanks in advance! 

Phil Bishop posted this 21 July 2017

Hi Stephen

You did indeed look hard enough. While we do have the data you are seeking, we have not yet published it on EMI; nor have we pumped it out through an API. We have quite a backlog of tasks to get through and those things are on it.

In the meantime, if it is real-time data that you're after in real time, you should contact our Market Operations team at marketoperations@ea.govt.nz and they can get you sorted with access to WITS. Otherwise, if it's historical data you want, stand by and we'll get to it soon.

Cheers, Phil.


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