Metering configurations by individual metering component

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fluidthinking posted this 09 April 2019

Good afternoon,

I was looking at the dataset for December 2018 on Metering Configurations by Distribution Price Cat Code which is giving me the meter register configurations at an ICP level.

Was it possible to get a more detailed breakdown at a Metering Component (meter/device) level? The reason being that typically (for most devices) we would have preset meter configuration templates when doing setup or maintenance inside a retailer or distributor system. And knowing about these in advance would greatly help after switches or metering changes (esp using NMR notifications).

For example, I have picked out the metering configuration file, a 'X-7304-24 X-CN-11 X-UN-24' for which there are 5745 examples nationwide. If this was a single device, it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense as you would expect two 30 interval channels each for the corresponding UN and CN read channels.

In terms of using this data for statistical analysis as well as data setup, having this information would be of increased benefit when it comes knowing how to setup ICPs and corresponding meters.


Zane Khan

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msouness posted this 17 April 2019

Would also be good to have data in the latest files - we're seeing 0kB files.

Matthew Keir posted this 29 April 2019

The Zero kB files are resolved. Although the bug seems related to the automation so may reappear. Keep us posted.

I'll take a look at the metering component question when I get more time. I'm not a metering expert though - so it'd be great if someone who is can jump in an clarify this.

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