We have published a new API product called wholesale market prices. Subscribing to this product will enable users to receive a key to use one of four new APIs:

  • Forecast NRSS prices
  • Forecast PRSS prices
  • Real-time prices
  • Real-time dispatch

Each of these APIs provides a GET action that can be tested or accessed from our APIs page. A list of the returned fields and a brief description of each API is also provided on the APIs page, as are examples of the various ways the GET calls can be filtered.   

Please note that the Real-time prices and Real-time dispatch APIs are new APIs and should not be considered revised versions of the existing EMI | Real-time prices and EMI | Real-time dispatch APIs, respectively. The EMI | Real-time prices and EMI | Real-time dispatch APIs will be decommissioned on 21 December 2020.

We understand that WITS will create APIs to disseminate price and other data at some future date. We have published these APIs now because the WITS APIs are still some time away and these four new wholesale price APIs will make the data available much sooner after it has been generated than is the case with the existing APIs. In addition to the reduced data latency, we also expect much improved reliability from the new APIs.

The database underlying these new APIs holds data for the most recent 30 days. If historical data is required, users can download it from our Forecast prices and Real-time prices EMI datasets.

Access to forecast prices and real-time or indicative prices via APIs will assist in enabling better informed decisions to be made. Users of real-time prices should be aware that these prices are not the final prices on which the market is settled. See the discussion here and the links therein for more information about wholesale prices.