A location factor is simply the price at one node or location relative to a basis node. Historical location factors can be used to adjust pricing at one node to what it might be at another node or in another region. This information and understanding is useful when contracting forward positions or understanding locational risk.

From the perspective of a purchaser with load at various locations, we allow comparisons both between regions (or nodes) to the same basis node, and for a region or node to the same basis node through time. Examples of these are shown below. Please see the more information tab for more details. 

Comparison between regions -  North Island network reporting regions to Otahuhu, 2018

Comparison through time - Haywards to Otahuhu, the month of July, 2009 - 2018

Try clicking "All dashboard instances" at the top right of the report to see what instances have been added to user dashboards. It's a great way to quickly see what a report can do and the type of insights that can be derived.