The wholesale price map shows the average price (or other price distribution summary metrics) in a map. Users can define a custom time range, say a day, week, month or year over which to show prices.

The map provides a stark view of regional price differences. A fixed scale of $0 to $240 also quickly highlights price differences between maps. For example, one day to the next or the latest four quarters as below.

Average wholesale price, Q3, 2018 - Q2, 2019

                      Q3 2018                                   Q4 2018                                   Q1 2019                                    Q2 2019


I've made available a public dashboard that presents the average and maximum price over the last seven days.

Try clicking "All dashboard instances" at the top right of the report to see what instances have been added to user dashboards. It's a great way to quickly see what a report can do and the type of insights that can be derived.