Entry and exit

Ever wondered how many retailers have entered the market over the last year, the last five years? What about those that have exited? Perhaps you're only interested in who's entering and exiting the region where you live?

Barriers to entry and exit impact market dynamics. Monitoring the entry and exit of firms in the retail market, therefore, enables insights to be drawn about these barriers, and market performance more generally. We've added a report that tracks entry and exit of parent companies, traders, and brands in the retail electricity market. The retail market has seen a significant number of new retailers begin operations, with 22 retail parent companies entering since the beginning of 2013 (and three exiting). This represents a net increase of 19 retailers, up 135 per cent on the 2013 numbers. Some of these companies are very small and may only operate locally, while others are challenging competitors across the whole country.  

Entry and exit of retail parent companies, 2013 -2017

Consumer choice map

Consumer choice of electricity supplier continues to grow across the country as new retailers enter and retail brands are established to reach niche consumers. At the end of 2017, there were 48 retail brands supplying consumers in New Zealand. Within a region and/or market segment we require an entity to serve more than three ICPs to count in these statistics. Auckland consumers have the greatest choice with 35 brands available. To see which retail brands are operating take a look at the market share snapshot.

Consumer choice of retail brands, 2013, 2015, 2017


Consumer choice league table

We’ve also presented the same information from the maps above in a league table which highlights the change across the year. Hover over the bars and change markers for more information.

Consumer choice of retail parent companies, 2017

Also, see new dashboard - increasing consumer choice.