On 31 March 2020, Part 11 of the Code was changed to ban retailers from contacting customers to offer them an incentive to stay after those customers had already initiated a switch away. However, customers may voluntarily choose to contact their previous supplier to withdraw a switch away or to arrange a switch-back. Such customer-initiated actions will appear in these new reports as potential win-backs, even though they are compliant with the Code amendment on saves and win-backs.

The ban on win-backs applies to customers that were supplied by the retailer (or a retailer in their parent group) during a switch-protected period lasting 180 days. The win-back ban is defined by the relationship between a retailer and a customer. The registry currently holds information on traders and ICPs, so looking at this information in isolation is insufficient to tell if an ICP-trader switch withdrawal or switch-back is a retailer-customer win-back. Insights can nevertheless be derived when the report highlights outliers. Such outliers may require further investigation.

Users will find the “ICPs won by” and “Show” parameters very useful when exploring trader behaviour. These parameters enable a potential win-back mechanism to be selected and represented as a simple count, relative to initiated switches away (for withdrawals), or relative to ICPs won in the month. This approach can allow outliers to be more easily identified. However, these relative results can be noisy for small micro retailers where one withdrawn switch or switch back might be 100% of gains within a month. 

For more information please read the notes with the report under the more information report tab.

Win-back indicator trends

Potential win-backs within 180 days relative to ICPs won, June 2018 – May 2020

Total withdrawn trader switches as a proportion of initiated switches away, June 2018 – May 2020

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Users can follow a public dashboard that highlights the trends for a range of potential win-back metrics.

Win-back indicator summary

Potential win-backs within 180 days relative to ICPs won, May 2020

Users can follow a public dashboard that highlights insights for the latest month for a range of switching and win-back metrics. 

Recall the ‘All dashboard instances’ button at the top right of any report will display reports instances that our users find useful and have added to a dashboard.