Real time access to ICP half-hour data

  • Last post 09 May 2021
mokhtar posted this 09 May 2021

Hi experts,

I am wondering if real-time power usage (half-hour) data are available for a certain ICP and can be received on a daily/hourly basis.


We monitor our clients' energy consumption to help them implement action plans for energy and cost saving so your advise will be highly appreciated.




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Matthew Keir posted this 09 May 2021

Hi mokhtar,

Currently, the process supports agents requesting consumption data from retailers on much lower frequencies.

This process is designed to support consumer investment or supply decisions rather than real-time coordination or control of demand.

There is a project here considering options for enhancements in this area. I will make them aware of your post above.



mokhtar posted this 09 May 2021

 Hi and thanks Mathew for quick reply.

 I understand that access to real-meter data can provide lots of useful information to the consumers as well as cutting the expenditures of the check metering systems. At the moment, we request these data monthly from the retailer which is absolutely nightmare dealing with some retailers. Some has to be reminded several times even with the permission provided by the consumer.

I am looking forward to seeing progress in this project. Many thanks again


Matthew Keir posted this 09 May 2021

Great, we are working to improve the industry response to consumption data requests under the existing regime. Results reported monthly by the requestor and responder in the following report and dashboard