Reconciled Demand and Generation Reports

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tship posted this 20 September 2020

Re: Reconciled demand and generation reports


Reconciled demand and generation data is our most complete source of data and refers to all purchases and sales on the wholesale market that are cleared through the clearing manager. This data becomes available around the middle of the following month. More specifically, reconciled demand and generation refers to loss-adjusted purchases and sales, and represents the purchase and sale quantities upon which money changes hands between participants and the clearing manager. The loss-adjustment means that the actual consumption data submitted to the reconciliation manager by retailers and other purchasers is grossed up to account for losses in the distribution networks.


is this data just month0 version or does it get updated over time as say washup files get loaded ?

Thanks in advance ....

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tship posted this 24 June 2021

Thanks for that Phil,

I've downloaded all the changed files. Just one question, as far as versions of the data, i'm pretty sure you were uploading a changed filename when you had changed data for that trading month (ie with a differerent runtime), whereas recently you've just been refreshing the same named file ... could you advise on that ?



Phil Bishop posted this 24 June 2021

The RM data for the past several years has been republished. In addition, the May 2021 file is now there.


tship posted this 22 June 2021

Hi Phil,

There is no May data available at the moment (and many of the recent trading months files have not been updated) .... could you advise ?



Phil Bishop posted this 24 May 2021

Okay, the smaller files are now there. I still haven't had a chance to check them (although I'm assured they're all good!) but you know the old saying - users are the best testers. So have it at and please let me know if you find anything to be amiss.






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tship posted this 24 May 2021

ok thanks Phil .. i'll wait for the removal of the zero records then,  if you can advise after that ...

Phil Bishop posted this 24 May 2021

I'm assured they are correct although they seem to contain about 40% zero records making them quite a bit bigger than they need to be. The zero records issue will be addressed, i.e. they will be filtered out, and when that happens, I'll then check the data is correct. All that said, a cursory glance makes me think the data is already correct.

Phil Bishop posted this 21 May 2021

Yep, it's being worked on as we speak. My guess is that it will be next week before this gets sorted out. 



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tship posted this 21 May 2021

Hi again Phil,

I can see the files there now ... but the sizes are quite variable, especially April being a lot smaller than the others  ... if i tail the bottom of that file i get rows with empty trading periods ...

==> ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_202104_20210508_183302.csv <==











that also occurs in the other files, just tailing the last 10 rows of each gives the odd empty trading period ... could you take a look ?

ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake20210120210223_133616.csv.gz 20 May 2021 51,284 KB

ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake20210220210323_112841.csv.gz 20 May 2021 45,782 KB

ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake20210320210428_201230.csv.gz 20 May 2021 50,950 KB

ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake20210420210508_183302.csv.gz 21 May 2021 35,078 KB

Phil Bishop posted this 20 May 2021

It should def be there already. I'll ask someone to take a look at why it isn't. Cheers, Phil

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tship posted this 20 May 2021

Hi Phil,

Just wondering when April's data will be available ? - roughly what day of the month would you expect the previous month's data to become available going forward ... i'm configuring / testing an automated download at the moment.

Thanks once again for your help,


Phil Bishop posted this 14 April 2021

Hi Tim - the problem with the publishing of the reconciliation data has been rectified. Thanks, Phil. 

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msouness posted this 14 April 2021

Now that we have the allocated volumes publicly available, I'd like to suggest that submission volumes be published.  
The reason for this is to allow third party examination of the loss allocation ratios for each trader. This will help reduce UFE.

tship posted this 14 April 2021

@Phil Bishop

Hi Phil,

I noticed that February & March's  files uploaded today look to be incomplete ....

Name                                                                                                 Date modified  File size
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_202101_20210223_133616.csv.gz 14 Apr 2021    39,782 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_202102_.csv.gz                               14 Apr 2021    19,739 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_202103_.csv.gz                               14 Apr 2021    00 KB

Could you advise ?


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