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luckiestmanalive posted this 03 November 2018

Hi Phil/Matt

The Electricity Authority has made comments about the levels of thermal generation coming on at the spot prices being experienced in the last few weeks and last winter (we're seeing it run at 40 percent of its potential at the moment when last winter it was more like 80 percent).

So how about making an EMI chart that plots generation by type (eg hydro, gas/coal, wind, geothermal etc) over time? I think it would be a worthwhile addition to the wholesale set of reports.



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luckiestmanalive posted this 22 November 2018

 Hi Matt

Thanks for the response. Adding several 'generation by node' reports to a dashboard is an interesting work around. I look forward to the day when EMI categorises the generation output by fuel type (it shouldn't be that hard - dual-fuel fired units can have their own category) and you can see what you are looking for in one chart (eg sum of all thermal generation, being the sum of gas, diesel, and coal-fired units, in 2017 vs 2018). I notice that someone else is interested in doing something similar so vote my post up if you agree!




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Matthew Keir posted this 05 November 2018

 Hi Greg,

There is currently an imbalance between information held in market systems on grid-connected vs embedded generators in respect to generation type, generation technology, and fuel type. DG has better information available as fuel type populated in the registry whereas generation attributes for grid-scale generation are manually compiled and mapped to nodes by various interested parties with no single national source of the truth.

However, rest assured publishing more information by generation type is on the list of things we want to progress when we are able to.

In the meantime, EMI reports do let you take a look at individual nodes to see what is happening. This becomes especially powerful when combined with the “My dashboards” feature. Take a look at the published dashboards of generation offers from selected thermal plant. Pay particular attention to the y-axis limits in the offer stacks, these will auto scale until we include a nominal plant capacity or max offer in the report.

I’ve also added a dashboard that compares daily generation from selected major generation sites this year to last year.

Members can follow dashboards of interest - following a dashboard will add it to the My dashboards menu at the top right. Alternatively, copy and edit a dashboard to create your own. Report instances that have been added to member dashboards are available (without the custom titles) via the ‘All dashboard instances’ button at the top of any report. This feature is a great starting point to quickly gain some insights and begin exploring what you can do with a report.