Updated DIgSILENT PowerFactory case files

  • Last post 2 weeks ago
Phil Bishop posted this 3 weeks ago

The Power Systems Engineering team at Transpower have supplied updated PowerFactory case files. The updates are summarised in the 202105 PDF file.

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Sean McGuinness posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Phil, great to see the updated models. I think there's an issue with the 2021 NIPS model though - it seems to be missing a dependency. The 2021 SIPS file imports no problem.

PFD file contains 1 reference(s) to objects that cannot be resolved.  These references will be lost during import.
warn - Unresolvable reference: Database.IntFolder\Cnf.IntFolder\Groups.IntFolder\SystemOperator.IntGroup
err  - No matching version in a base project could be found.
       Derived project cannot be imported.
err  - Data import failed.


Phil Bishop posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Sean - I'll refer your query to the team at Transpower who supply the models. Thanks, Phil.

Phil Bishop posted this 2 weeks ago

Middle man here again. The guys at Transpower have tested the May 2021 North Island case with a bunch of different users and have reported no problems or errors with the import. Nevertheless, they've exported another instance of the file (202105NorthIsland.pfd), which I have uploaded.


Sean McGuinness posted this 2 weeks ago

Thanks Phil! The updated file worked perfectly.