Hi All,

The Authority has recently received questions about an issue with creating overrides using the Excel interface to vSPD. Apparently, the date picker that is used by the Excel interface does not work for many of you. For more information about this, please refer to this post: http://www.emi.ea.govt.nz/Forum/thread/vspd-excel-issue-on-windows-10-excel-2013/.

Even though we have tried our best to keep vSPD Excel interface updates generic, we can’t guarantee that it will always work perfectly for everyone and the issue with the date picker is a case in point. It depends on Excel and VBA versions.

In this post I will illustrate a workaround that enables the creation of an override GDX file using vSPD-online, which you can then use in your standalone vSPD instance.

First, you need to log in to vSPD-online (http://www.emi.ea.govt.nz/vSPD-online/). If you don’t have an account yet, just sign up; it is FREE. Once you have logged in to vSPD-online, follow these steps to create your override GDX file:

  • create an override
  • create a dummy job, e.g. run for one period only, using the override you have just created
  • submit the job to solve. When it finishes, you can download the results zip file. This zip file will contain the override GDX file used by the submitted job - it will be in a subfolder called 'Override'.

You can now copy this GDX file to your vSPD/Override folder and start using this override file for your study with your vSPD standalone instance.

In the attached file, I have an example of how to create an override GDX file using vSPD-online.

If you have any questions, please let us know through the forum or send an email to emi@ea.govt.nz.

Best regards,

Tuong Nguyen.