We have prepared a short paper that describes several ways of working with GDX files. Topics covered include:

  • Create a GDX file
  • Extract data from a GDX file
  • Insert new data into an existing GDX file
  • Modify or edit the data already in a GDX file
  • Translate a GDX file to some other file format.

A GDX file is a convenient way to store and access data for use with GAMS-based models such as vSPD and GEM.

The paper also demonstrates merging of GDX files for the purpose of passing data from one application to another. For example, it is very common to run a model many times, once for each of many scenarios, and write the results for each scenario into a scenario-specific GDX file. All GDX files can then be merged into a single file for use by a report writing program that generates summary reports on all scenarios in a single step.

A ZIP file containing worked examples of the techniques described in the paper is available as an accompaniment to the paper.

See also GDX files for vSPD.