API 101

  • Last post 25 August 2021
PowerLar posted this 24 August 2021

I now have access to the  the ICP connection data API however I'm new to all this and have no idea how to submit a request I need API 101 help.
I have a few thousand addresses that I want to get the ICP codes for.  Is there an example of a  script that I can submit batches of say 25 addresses at a time to get back their ICP codes?


Any guidance much appreciated.


Warm regards



Matthew Keir posted this 25 August 2021

Hi Lawrence,

The best bet is to log in and use the “Try it” button on the pages detailing each of the calls that can be made to the API on the website. This will show you what to send and what you’ll get back. Below this button on the same pages the other possible messages that can be returned are detailed, and further below there are code samples in 8 other programming languages. 

If you’ve never coded before you might need some help from someone who has to get started. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to provide that help.  A few years back some EMI members had Excel calling the API which may or may not be useful for your purpose. https://forum.emi.ea.govt.nz/thread/api-icp-connection-data-access-via-ms-excel/

Good luck,