Please be advised that structure of the bids and offers files that we publish on EMI datasets is about to change.

The current structure will continue to be published in the folders called Bids and Offers, respectively, for a couple more weeks. The new structure is already available in the folders called BidsNew and OffersNew, respectively.

On 14 December 2021, the following will occur:

  • the folder currently called Bids will be renamed BidsOld   
  • the folder currently called Offers will be renamed OffersOld
  • the folder currently called BidsNew will be renamed Bids   
  • the folder currently called OffersNew will be renamed Offers

Then on 21 December 2021, the folders called BidsOld (i.e. currently called Bids) and OffersOld (i.e. currently called Offers) will stop being updated and will be be deleted.

In other words, users of the Bids and Offers data need to tweak their systems to accomodate the schema changes within the next two weeks.

This modification has been made as part of our data migration from a SQL Server instance to a Databricks-based Delta Lake, and to bring the schema nomenclature into line with that used

throughout our Delta Lake and other EMI datasets.

The old and new schemas can be seen in the attached file.