Change to enable more access to consumer electricity data

  • Last post 01 August 2016
Matthew Keir posted this 01 February 2016

From 1 February, electricity retailers must provide electricity consumption data to consumers or their authorised agents. Retailers must also provide all generally available pricing plans to anyone who requests them. 

In addition, the Authority has now made it possible for more parties to access information about their electricity meters and connection arrangements through a web portal.  This information will assist authorised agents to consider only tariffs that are relevant to the customer's connection arrangements.  

The changes mean consumers can have better information to make more informed decisions about what electricity plan will work best for them. 

The Authority expects the changes will help consumers to be more confident about the savings they can make from price offers and the choices available. This initiative should put even more competitive pressure on electricity retailers to offer better and more innovative deals. 

For more information please see our consumer information pages 

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Matthew Keir posted this 22 May 2016

The ICP connection data API can be accessed from the signpost menu on the top right of this webpage.

ICP connection data includes trader, network, and metering details. Network details describe the grid exit point (GXP) for wholesale pricing, the distributor price category code for distribution charging, the presence of generation that is able to export energy, and the capacity of the connection to the network. Metering configuration details include (for example) controlled/uncontrolled meter channels or if the meter at the ICP is an AMI meter. Please check out the documentation with the API or the web form for more information on what the fields released mean.

More information on providing energy services and what other data is available (retail tariffs) can be accessed here


msouness posted this 15 June 2016

Back in March I contacted each retailer for pricing information across the North Island.

The response was good, although some of the larger ones were non-compliant with respect to lead-time.

Nicole Gagnon posted this 29 June 2016

We have published a memo outlining some of the obligations on parties when requesting or providing consumption and tariff information. This memo is in response to issues raised by concerned parties when trying to access tariff and consumption information.

To view the memo, please see our access to consumption and tariff information retailer webpage.

msouness posted this 30 July 2016

I'd be interested in finding out if there are issues around retailers requesting tariffs from other retailers.

Nicole Gagnon posted this 01 August 2016

Thanks for your question. I can confirm that 'any person' in clause 11.32G of the Code includes companies. A retailer can request current generally available retail tariff plans from another retailer.